USB TnH SHT10 TypeA 160
USB-TnH (SHT30) is a USB temperature + humidity sensor. The temperature and humidity are read by simple ASCII commands via the CDC Virtual Serial Port. It makes the programming more simple when compared with other USB communication method.


 Operating Temperature (CPU):   -20°C ~ +70°C 
 Connection to PC:   USB (CDC Virtual COM port) 
 Power:   USB Powered 
 Temperature Accuracy:   +/-0.2°C (0°C to 65°C 
 Temperature Resolution:   0.01°C 
 Temperature Range:   -40°C to 125°C 
 Humidity Accuracy:   +/-2 %RH 
 Humidity Resolution:   0.01 %RH 
 Humidity Range:   0 %RH - 100 %RH 

Best performance when operated at 5 °C to 60 °C and 20 %RH to 80 %RH


  • USB Type A Plug.
  • Simple ASCII command.
  • Using MCU as CDC Virtual Serial Port. (Using usbser.sys at Windows. Native supported by MacOS and most Linux distributions).
  • Using SHT30 (a single chip sensor) for temperature/humidity sensing.

Package Content:

  • USB-TnH TypeA (SHT30) Sensor


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USB TnH SHT30 TypeA Sensor 320

Qt Desktop Program (Source at GitHub)

QtDesktopProgram USB Sensor

Command Line Interface (Windows)

cli msw

Command Line Interface (Linux)

cli linux


Serial command

Please open the serial port with baud rate at 115200 and data format as N81. All commands are in ASCII.
Action Command Response
Get Model Name GI\n USB-TnH SHT30\n
Get Version GV\n V1.00\n
Get Temperature GT\n 21.73\n
Get Humidity GH\n 39.85\n
Get Unit Name
  Default is "SENSOR", can set by user.
Set Unit Name
  Up to 8 characters, stored at FLASH.
N=name\n OK\n
Turn off LED Indicator
  Will restore to "Turn on" after restart
I=0\n OK\n
Turn on LED Indicator I=1\n OK\n
Get all reading in JSON format GJSON\n {"T":21.73,"H":39.85}\n