UNO32 160
UNO32 Core Board is development board for ARM7. It is a easy way to start your project with a powerful but low cost single chip 32bits MCU.


  • Using NXP LPC2103, a 32bits ARM7DTMI-S CPU. Up to 70MHz (running at 66MHz on UNO32 sample program).
  • On-chip 32KiB FLASH, running full CPU speed (66MHz on UNO32 sample program).
  • On-chip 8KiB SRAM, good enough for most single chip application.
  • On board ISP (In System Programming) circuit. Programming via USB. No external programmer needed.
  • Battery holder for Real Time Clock (battery is not included).
  • All Input/Ouput header are aligned on 0.1 inch grid. Easier connect to prototype board.



CPU: NXP LPC2103 (Max. 70MHz)
Running at 66MHz on sample program
Power: DC 5V
or Powered by USB


Programming: Via USB (a on board ISP circuit)
On-chip FLASH: 32KiB
On-chip SRAM: 8KiB


Package Content:

  • A UNO32 core board


Shipping and Payment:

  • Accept PayPal Only
  • Worldwide shipping via Registered Airmail


IOs and connectors

uno32 io


As there are several IOs are connected to a on board devices, such as UART0 and I2C. If you need those IOs for other purpose, please remove the correspond jumper.

uno32 jumper