ISP of UNO32 (Windows)

Here is the procedure to install the related software for the ISP process of UNO32.

1) Follow the FTDI Application Note to install the Virtual COM driver. When require connection to device, plug the UNO32 to the computer with the cable.

2) After the installation, open the Device Manager and check the COM number.
uno32 isp 1

3) Download the Flash Magic Programming Tool and install it.

4) Run the Flash Magic and select the Device as "LPC2103".

5) Select the COM you found above.

6) Select the Baud Rate as "115200".

7) Select the Interface as "None (ISP)".

8) Set the Oscillator to "22.1184".

9) Browe and select the HEX file you want to program.

10) Click [Start] to start the programming process.
uno32 isp 2