USB 485 160
USB-485 is a adapter for your PC to interface with RS-485 device.


  • USB mini-B (5pin) socket.
  • RS-485 half-duplex.
  • Using well known FDTI USB Chip.
  • Auto TX mode, easier for software development. No need extra control DTR or RTS.
  • With 100 Ohm on-board terminator, fit for common found CAT5 (twisted pair) cable.
  • With 100 Ohm ground return path resister, to limit the current on ground.
  • With bus pull resistor (both on A & B). Prevent unknown bus state (unknown characters may appear) when everybody in RX mode.


Package Content

  • USB-485 Adaptor


Shipping and Payment

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  • Worldwide shipping via Airmail




Modification to work as slave device

Slave Device

Modification to work as Multi-drop device (middle of bus)

Multi-drop Device